Escape from Fallcrest

Food and Food

We arrive in Fallcrest and the gate guard tells us there has been some trouble (poisoning, etc) and our quarters have been moved to a wing of the palace. Styling. Rock and Elric have run off to Hammerfest on some kind of research errand for the Lady. Tobias Took has secured our wing and is waiting for us with lots of alcoholic drinks.

We head in to report to Lord Farren Markelhay who has a letter to Dulgar from his father. The letter mentions something about an upcoming war and his father is requesting help.

Lord Markelhay speaks to the rest of us after the Dwarf leaves. He tells us about the symbiotic relationship between Hammerfest and Fallcrest. Hammerfest is almost totally reliant on trade food from Fallcrest. The last two trade convoys have been ambushed. We are supposed to spend some time escorting convoys and Dulgar back to Hammerfest. The Lady gives a Sun Globe as a gift. We configure a temporary mount on our Battle Standard.

Dulgar takes the relics (pieces of the titan) from our previous adventure to the Lady’s wizard (Nicoderm) to figure out some of the properties. Between them, they figure out that at least two of the pieces of the titan are in the hands of the orcs.

Our mission: Escort convoy to Thunderspire, guards guard while we clear old hills, go back to Thunderspire, pick up the two additional convoys and escort them and Dulgar to Hammerfest.

About halfway to Thunderspire we come across the remains of an ambushed convoy. Everything is dead or gone. We find a gnoll body also. Most of the food remains.

We get the convoy moving and Tobias scouts ahead to the fort at Thunderspire. He sees no tracks but he does meet Fallcrest guards at Thunderspire. They say that they have not had a single convoy make it to them. A scouting party went out the old hills and didn’t make it back. The rest of us reach the fort with the convoy. Not everything can fit in the fort and it is only guarded by twelve men.

We head back to the ambush spot and attempt to follow the tracks of the gnolls and cows. As we expertly use our “skills” to follow the trail stealthily, and arrive at what appears to be a path that goes underground.

Tobias moves ahead and scouts as we move into an obvious underground lair. Mindartis attempts to sneak ahead but kicks a pebble alerting the gnoll guards. We charge in and engage the gnolls. Some doors on the side open and sand begins to pour into the room at a high rate of speed. We kill the three gnolls in the room and mostly avoid the sand trap. Near the end of the fight, Tobias peers through the portcullis and we see three more gnolls in the next room.

Mindartus figures out how to open the portcullis. We charge in and end up fighting three tough gnolls and four tough hyenas. Two of the hyenas are put down immediately by excellent work by our melee artists and a big hitter spell by Castar. The party performs admirably in the room with many hero-like blows worthy of paintings or tales of renown.

It would appear the gnolls were using some kind of tomb as a lair. The door to the next room appears ancient and of peculiar design and function and our great insight provides us references to the past. As the door opens, a very large gnoll opposes us and two longbowmen off in the corner began to fire. Tobias also senses something in the pool in the middle of the room.

Korvus Bronn puts the big gnoll on the ground and we beat him severely, but then a big nasty pops out of the well-like thing and attacks Tobias Took who puts up a valiant fight before being snatched by tentacles. Will he survive? Or will he be a tasty hobbit-sized snack?

The hobbit frees himself and then is immediately grabbed again. The party gangs up on the foul creature, but he is not going down easy. Dulgar engages the archers while we try to free Tobias Took. Tobias once again frees himself as his friends beat on the Grell. Eventually the Grell has had enough and flees. Korvus jumps down the well. Yes, down the well.

Eventually, we all end up down the well. We disarm a blade trap of some sort and Tobias does some scouting. He sees an open room down one hall and some kind of skeletal bowmen. As we move down the hallway, three ghoul like creatures erupt out of the coffins. Moments later, a mummy joins the fight. Some intense fighting follows with the members using the greatest skills. Displays of timing and finesse begin to take their toll on the undead. The fight drags on though, draining the powers of the heroes. Eventually, the mummy dies leaving one archer and one ghoul to oppose a weakened group of adventurers. We slowly and painfully finish of the last two deadites.

Then we sack the tomb.



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