Escape from Fallcrest

No fighter day!

June 1, 2012

Citadel cleared and pass area. We see a tower with a trail of dwarf bodies leading to it. There is currently a battle between orcs and dwarves going on. An important dwarf yells for us to retrieve the Eye of Stonefang from the tower catacombs.

Rock, Mindartis and Korvus join the dwarves in the battle with the orcs.

The tower is guarded by a stout crew of orcs. As we try and storm the entrance, a fierce battle takes place. Much knavery ensues. The end result is that our heroes are still standing and the REMF orcs are all dead.

Meanwhile, the battle noises in the distance have faded somewhat, although they are not over. During the fight, we heard a bit of noise from inside the tower, but nothing else came out. After the fight we grab a little gold off the dead bodies and then Tobias Took sneaks up the entrance and peeks in at 3 obviously magic using orcs.

After much wizardry, fire and poison, the orcs are dead. A hush falls on the room, seeming out of place after the chaos and noisy uproar of only a few moments ago.

An odd mirror with a ghoul, a plate of ribs and some other stuff comes into play. In the end, Tobias Took is poisoned and Elric gains potence (and a level). Dulgar and Castar feel no effects.

We move downstairs to explore. We come to a trapped door and the hobbit goes to work on the the trap and trigger. He fails. Magic spinning blades attack us.

The hobbit and wizard move down another corridor and spring a trap as they try to trip a lever. Luckily the hobbit makes it to the level disabling the trap. They continue down the hall and pick up a gem that looks like a rib.

Tobias Took explores past a trap down the next corridor and is able to turn a dial and light up the pegasus light on the door by the basement entrance. The other branch leads to a frozen lake, 6 sleeping wolves and a chest.

Tobias leaves the room and his chance at becoming a living legend.

We explore the last main branch. We send Tobias down the corridor. He finds some neato boots and we contemplate messing with a hallway that has a lot of obvious traps. We send Tobias to turn the pegasus wheel to blue. Minus the hobbit, we head to the magical door and open it. A weird chest with obvious mini-keys is found. We have one of the keys.

We find a big statue. We put the crystal ball in the hand of the dwarven wizard statue which slides back and gives another mini key. We now only need two.

In another room we find a color coded path to a chest. We send the hobbit and he makes it to the chest, retrieving another mini-key.

We head back to the wolf and ice room. Tobias Took sneaks in, sneaks across the room falling only once, he reaches the chest, pulls out the last mini-key and heads back to the rest of the party. Just before he reaches the party, his legendary status is shattered when he slips and falls, waking the wolves. A mad scramble to escape follows. The party reacts very quickly to rescue the fallen shorty. Tobias Took tries to scramble up the ice shelf, but falls again. The wolves charge, but one falls in the ice.

Dulgar was ready with the rope and with some quick thinking and a heroic pull that brings Tobias Took into the protection of the party leaving his legendary status in the pit with the wolves. The wolves attempt to follow and attack. Kindhearted Castar sadly leaves them as the party indulges in the base bloodlust instincts and slays the poor wolves.

In the end, with one injured wolf left, Tobias Took is able to befriend him. Somehow.

Our wizard figures out that the chest was demon trapped. Castar prays to Pelor for guidance and the trap is miraculously dispelled.

Inside the chest is the Eye of Stonefang. We have now assembled all the pieces.



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