An ancient Earth Titan


In the Ancient past, dwarves and giants fought for control of the Dawnforge Mountains, near Hammerfast. Stonefang was the most powerful member of the giant forces. Over the course of many battles, dwarf heroes sundered four fragments from the titan’s body. Th ought the Dwarf champions, lead by Dulgar’s ancestor Hulgar the Brave, failed to kill their foe, the dwarves collected the fragments, which held a measure of Stonefang’s power.

A group of dwarf scholars discovered a ritual to bind Stonefang through the use of his fragments and imprisoned him in a deep pit within his mountain stronghold. Once the titan was subdued, the dwarf built a citadel upon the mountain and took control of the pass the giants had carved through it, securing a potential trade hub and secretly guarding over the earth titan.

Upon realizing that the orcs were going to retake the pass dwarfs of the Glintshield clan sealed the chamber.

Unknown to them, the Shadowed Chain a cult within the Glintshield clan, took the 4 fragments, thus releasing bind the Titan. It is only a matter of time before the titan realizes he is free and wrecks havoc on not only the orcs, but all of The Nentir Vale



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