Escape from Fallcrest



As the party wakes up on the day of the banquet to celebrate the slaying of the dragon by Tobis Took, Queef the strange requests a meeting with Tobias. Castar and Mindartus accompany him. Rock decides to go hunting while Elric lazes about town and Korvus Bronn is helping to choose the festival queen.

It is made clear that Castar and Mindartus are not welcome with Queef, so they are left outside with the door open as Queef makes a proposition to Tobis. Something to do with the bedroom. It turns out Queef, who is old and decrepit but possesses a fine alchemy workshop, would like her daughter’s body recovered from the The Sword Barrow. The daughter also had a magical necklace that Queef would like.

After arriving back at the barracks, Tobis finds another note. Balsic the minstrel would like to speak to Tobis about his deeds. Castar and Mindartus shake their heads and follow Tobis to a somewhat upscale private club. As we head to the back room, we are ambushed!

The braves concentrate their attacks on Tobias and put the little man down quickly. A dwarven patron yells out for guards and moves in to help the hapless halfling. Meanwhile Castar casts Beacon of Hope, slaying two minions and saving Tobias from the brink of death. Rock and Elric had come to join the boys at the club and arrive in the midst of the melee. They soon enter the fray. Tobias goes down a second time and almost instantly springs up, powered by some inner will that not only keeps him fighting, but binds some of his wounds. However, his bravery is rewarded by one of Castar’s spells. Cast cast Return from Death’s door and the durable halfling is once again on his feat.

Eventually, the group prevails. The bodies contain no clues, but clothes and armor are gathered to show Korvus Bronn. The dwarf introduces himself as Dulgar. Eventually, Korvus figures out the assassins were from the Stormclaw or Tigerclaw Barbarians.

Dulgar tells us he needs assistance on a quest. In return he says he might be able to fashions something out of the dragon skin for us. There is a tower that needs exploring because a lord wants the dwarves to rebuild the tower. Also, there is an item that needs to be recovered.

We all head back to the barracks and to the banquet. The Lord shadows Tobias for most of the evening, basking in his glory. Dulgar is given a seat of honor at the banquet. The Lady speaks to Elric and Mandartin and then isn’t seen for a while. It was a great party and the Band of Irrelevance retires for the evening with many an admiring lass plotting future conquests.

A dwarf named (sorik orvaz) arrives and tells the Band a party of stonemasons was ambushed at Vandameres towe. They require our immediate investigation and troubleshooting skills. Apparently, the Dwarf Lord Dulgar has invited himself to join us on this mission. We are warned by other dwarves to not let anything happen to him.

Sorik leads us to the tower. The hilltop if foggy and the tower is a broken ring of stone. Some tents off to the side obviously were the home of some dwarven workers. We spot a dwarf and four humans. Castar notices that the dwarf doesn’t really seem to be a prisoner, but the chatter in the party drowns out his warning. As the bandits attack, the mighty Elric lets loose with freezing cloud. After a few moments of combat, the corpses start to rise and attack us! Suddenly!

The “captured” dwarf escapes his captor, runs behind a tent and then appears around the other side calling for help as he runs to the heroes. He tries to attack our dwarven lord and the boys put him down quick. After he dies, he loses his assumed form and reverts back to that of a doppleganger.

The party rests and inspects the area. We find an entrance into the tower. Also a crest from the previous owners. Nothing of value is found outside.

As we head into the dungeon, we are rudely greeted by denizens of the foul lair. Much combat ensued. The party slowly, but steadily defeats the entrance group. We rest before we plunge ahead.

Augutst 19 - A New Thief

After being detained helping out the sick, Castar decided to meet up with the boys and find out the latest scoop and what the next mission would be. When we left Coppernight Hold and returned to Fallcrest the dwarf went right up to the palace and met an upset dwarf priest named Grundelmar that thought the mining operation would be protected. Elric brings back a new recruit by the name of Mandartis with instructions to go to Kobold Hall and find a dwarf and the missing Winterhaven supply trains and investigate why we haven’t heard from Harkenwood.

We join a caravan that passes close to Kobold Hall. We meet a Pelor cleric by the name of Marla that says that there is a lot of deathcult and or demon type activities in Winterhaven. She is going there to investigate.

Tobias and Mandartis sneak up to Kobold Hall to scout a bit. They find a tower and move in further to investigate. The places is eerie and abandoned, yet bears the signs of much traffic. The scouts find sign of a watcher that was recently in the tower, most likely watching the caravan. The scouts gather the boys together to investigate a trapdoor they find below the tower and hall.

A darkened stair opens before the party. Down the stairs a kobold cries an alarm. The room is strange, with a pit in the middle with green goo in it. A fight ensues that runs the course of two rooms. The boys take a few minor wounds, mostly from traps, but they prevail over the mighty kobolds.

Further into the complex, a large party of kobolds engages the party, but are slaughtered. Certain members of the party plunge ahead with little strategy, but much bloodlust. The boys encounter some tougher kobolds and use some big spells and powers and annihilate their enemies in the third and fourth chamber. Some stairs lead up. With the kobold chieftan dead, the gang moves on following a long tunnel.

At the bottom of the stairs we are surprised by a young white dragon who blasts us with some frosty, yet fresh breath. After a short fight where Rock and Korvus Bronn land some big hits he is finished off by Tobis Took. The party finds a few magic items also. We find a dwarf behind the door and he immediately annoys us. Kavalar Coppernight begins to question us. He eventually tells us of a goblin and orcs that control the trade routes. Irontooth is the name of the goblin who is in charge. A scroll is found with some orc or kobold writing on it. It appears to be a contract that divides up control of the trade route.

July 20

The yet to be named adventuring band is traveling to Fallcrest in search of work. The heroic members of the band are Castar, Elric, Korvus Bronn, Tobis Took, Rock.

As the party travels down the road, they come upon a band of kobolds attacking a maiden and two guards. The maid appears hurt and is down on the ground and the kobolds have the guards surrounded.

The fearless adventurers enter the fray, led by a large fireball cast by Elric. After dropping two kobolds, combat becomes chaotic. Rock is hit by a cage or rats, Korvus Bronn is hit and marked by a kobold warrior.

After a lot of tough fighting, the party eventually prevails. During the fight, Castar was able to get a large heal off on the lady who then charged the party with delivering the wagon to Skyr, a small village.The rescued woman was named Lady Allande Markelhay.

Loot included 40 Gold Pieces and pocket lint.

The party delivers the food to the hungry village and are welcomed and given lodging. After resting, the party takes the wagon and continues to Fallcrest. Upon arrival, the party is greeted by guards who inform the party that their presence is requested by Farren Markelhay, Lord of Fallcrest. Lodging is provided in the barracks, the party contact is a guard named Cosmer.

While out drinking, a gnome approaches and tells Elric that Lady Allande Markelhay would like to speak to him. Elric follows the gnome out the door. Elric tells us that the Lady Allande Markelhay would like some help from us to take care of some issues around the area that are not priority issues from some people, but are to her.

The next day, the party goes the the audience with Farren Markelhay. The party walks in to this knowing that sometimes the Lord and Lady have different priorities, the Lord backed by merchants and the well-to-do, the Lady backed by the people.

Only the Lord is at the audience. The chamber is tasteful, but not overly rich. The Lord thanks us for saving his wife and delivering the goods. He offers base pay similar to the city watch, free room and board and access to the armory. The Lord also offers access to an insider tattoo available in town the will give us special status in Fallcrest. The party goes to Septarch’s tower to see Nimozaran and the the tattoos.

The is a dwarf by the name of Kavalar Coppernight missing that is about to cause a political situation with the dwarves. WE can seek him at CopperNight Hold. A small keep where mining operations were based from.

The party arrives at CopperNight Hold and finds it infested with kobolds. A fight ensues. The party quickly clears the upper floors of kobolds with only Korvus Bronn and Tobis Took taking a minor wounds. One kobold escapes into the pit.

The party rests quickly and enters the pit. Flagstone floors, tapestries and broken and unstable statuary. One of the kobolds is holding a cord that is linked to the tapestries. Rock becomes immobilized when a tapestry is brought down on him, Castar attempts to tip a statue over on the kobolds, but misses them, shattering the statue across the hallway. The party is victorious and after a quick rest, moves on.

The party enters a dwarven decorated chamber and encounters a whole lot of kobolds. The party massacres the kobolds, including the chieftan, with barely a challenge. It was a defining moment for the party as each individual finally shines in battle.

The party rescues a dwarf who informs them the kobolds have taken Kavalar Coppernight to Kobold Hall.

100 Gold and was gained and a Healers Brooch +1 (Castar) and a Belt of Vigor (Tobis Took).


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