Escape from Fallcrest

Siege Day

1-27-12 You can do a fondle

Rock and Elric are already at Hammerfest with Dolgar’s father Zulgar the Bold. Hammerfest is a weird town where dogs and cats are living together. Politics and trade and Orcs make for a strange combination within the town.

Our uber sized convoy slowly approaches Hammerfest. Hot air balloons can be seen all over the city. This means that it is Siege Day or the Day After. Ghosts are re-enacting the siege in the town. Weird. Siege Day is also a feast day, however the town has little food. Until we arrive.

As we enter the town we notice some orcs watching us. Two of them run full speed into town. Two more approach, one being the shaman we let go in the tower. He greets us. As he walks off, he mentions that we won’t be alive next time we are in town. He says that in Orc, not realizing one of us understands us.

Orcs are everywhere in the city and they all seem to be watching us as we move deeper into the city. We eventually meet up with Rock and Elric. Dulgar’s personal guard joins us and escorts us to the palace to meet with his father. Zulgar the Bold seems irritated and asks if “this is the only help” that Dulgar could bring back. An argument ensues. Dad is pissed. Apparently Dulgar’s brother is doing something to bind the titan at Stonefang Pass. We are informed that we need to join his brother. We need to get away from the Orc’s prying eyes to avoid ambushes, etc. Dulgar suggests that we take a balloon.

We load up on the hot air balloons. Everything goes fine until the landing, we have a crash due to some bad flying skills. We dust ourselves off and move on. We are about a mile from the pass before Tobias Took notes that someone is following us. Tobias scouts out the pass for us. He notes two hippogryphs controlling the broken bridge over the water with some Orcs on the far side, obviously guarding the area.

After some scouting, Tobias is attacked by one of the Hippogryphs. The same Hippogryph is then jumped on by a charging Korvus Bronn. The Hippogryph flies off with Korvus on his back. Meanwhile the Orcs attack the rest of the gang. A bit of fighting goes on, but the most interesting fight is in the air. Korvus lands a couple nice shots on the Hippogryph, the creature tries to shake him and flies back at the party. Korvus tries one more time and stuns the Hippogryph, taking him to the ground and killing him. Korvus leaps off and does a nice roll, emerging unscathed from the whole affair. Yes. Unhurt. No wounds.

As the party is jumped from behind, Castar unleashes his new, and awesome, spell. The effect surprises everyone, even Castar. Every orc in range is killed. The Orc shaman jumps up next and sends some juju our way. Things go badly with Tobias getting knocked out and Dulgar and our wizard bloody, our cleric and Korvus wounded. Castar calls on the might of Pelor and casts two spells healing the wounded and prone around him.

The heroes make many fine attacks over the course of the fight. The orcs on the near side of the bridge are slain. So is the hippogryph. The Rock and our assassin continue to trim down the orcs on the far side of the bridge as the rest of us move to join them.

Eventually the party takes down the final hero-type orc. It was a long and brutal fight with our heroes expending most of their best powers during the course of the action.

After a short rest, and fearing more orcish ambushes, we descend the pass into what appears to be a tunnel. Immediately upon entrance we encounter firebeetles and stirges. The fight goes well. Korvus opens the door into the next hall and greeted by a roomful of angry orcs. A long fight ensues with many an orc dying.



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