Escape from Fallcrest

The Titan's Pit


We pick up the adventure as the boys are descending into StoneFang Pass which appears to be more of an underground tunnel than a real pass. Mindartis puts an orc down with a backstab at the bottom of the stairs. Korvus Bronn finishes the other two. We have now secured the entrance to the tunnel structure. Elric spots something odd with the rock and Tobias Took figures out how to open it.

Dulgar tells us he believes this is the binding area of the Titan, Stonefang. A couple guys peek ahead and see a commotion in a central pit. Some kind of badass magic goes off and peels a surge off of Mindartis. It would appear something is trying to break out of the pit. Since we have three of the bindings, we know that we need a 4th to complete the binding. Waves of magic continue to strip surges off the boys that are searching the cave.

Mindartis finds a path that leads into a wall, some kind of secret door that the hobbit is able to spot. Mindartis opens the door into a dark hallway with an old, but small, track leading through it. The hallway ends in another secret door that only allows two through at a time. As we start going through, we find orcs are on the other side torturing a dwarf. The room has other dead dwarven bodies also. Tobias takes a long shot down the hall at a couple orcs. The orcs Korvus is fighting yell for help. A door opens, many orcs fire their longbows and Tobias becomes a virtual pincushion falling to the ground with a sad squeal. Castar arrives through the door and, once again, saves Tobias from certain death. Rock blocks the hallway stopping an ever growing number of orcs from overwhelming us. Quickly, the tide turns in our favor. Many orcs go down under the wizard’s spells. Eventually, all the orcs are killed and we heal up.

Dulgar tells us the dead dwarves are from his brother’s personal bodyguard. We search the area and find two cells with prisoners. We also find Dulgar’s dead brother. With that, Dulgar becomes Arden’s Champion and even gets a helmet of office.

The dwarven priest survivors tell us the last binding for the titan is in the citadel. It appears the orcs control the citadel. As we approach, we must cross a bridge, held by a significant force of orcs. As we get to the bridge, a storm of arrows greets us. A big orc riding a boar also charges us. Party members are getting pin-cushioned by the archers. Eventually we get things evened and take the lead by playing defensive. After clearing most of the bridge defenders, we move up to finish the troll shaman, who somehow made it out of the river and finish off the rest of the archers in the tower.

Castar finishes off the last orc with style and the party takes a nice relaxing rest.



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