Escape from Fallcrest

Titan Power!


As the dungeon guys exit Korvus greets us with the head of the Hammerfist Guard. Mudder. According to Mudder, the dwarves can hold back the orcs any longer, we need to bind Stonefang. As we enter the entrance, the Shadow Clan dwarves run up to us and inform us that Stonefang is breaking through. They want to know if we are ready and know how to complete the ritual.

As we enter the chamber, Korvus charges the hand emerging from the pit and strikes at it. The fight starts and our attacks against the Titan are mostly inneffective. Luckily, he only hits Korvus Bronn once. We get lucky on our first try at the binding and have two in the correct circle. Castar observes the dwarf attempt the ritual and when he is unable to complete his portion Castar yells for the dwarf to switch circles with him. Castar reaches the other circle and completes his portion of the binding. Meanwhile Korvus Bronn had knocked the Titan back into the pit and he was just emerging again to some timely attacks from Korvus and Mudder. Mindartis arrives hurriedly buckling his pants. It is apparent the healing in the first aid tent had been effective. No word on the Rock yet. He is probably still on profile. Obviously the adventurers need to set up an SOP on local girls and/or relations with dwarven women.

Meanwhile the fight continues, but Stonefang is showing signs of wear and weakness after the ritual. He is also much more vulnerable and our heroes seem to be doing some significant damage. After much punishment, the Titan is stuffed back into the hole with a parting shot from Tobias Took.

As we exit the chamber heading towards the pass we are jumped by a gaggle of orcs. As a hail of arrows descend on the party the boys get busy. Korvus Bronn yells “let’s hunt some Orc!” as he plunges into melee. The fight goes well for the boys. During the fight, Korvus Bronn has their leader troll at his mercy and gives him an opportunity to run in exchange for a treasure map. However, that doesn’t stop the halfling and wizard from going for the cheap kill. Pelor does not approve. Magma Beast apologizes for killing the troll after he notices the treasure map goes up in flames upon the death of the troll.

At the end of the fight, Korvus Bronn spares the last orc because he tells where the minotaurs and hill giants are… as he runs off, Rock and a band of dwarves show up, kill the fleeing orc. The dwarven sappers blow the bridge, cutting off the orc army.



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