Escape from Fallcrest



We free some dwarven mining prisoners after we clear the main hall. Unfortunately, one is already dead. He had the same exact appearance as the doppleganger.

The miners were brought here to do some repairs, then Targen Stoneheart arrived with an artifact and the whole operation went to hell with bandit attacks, etc.

With some clues about what lays ahead of us thanks to the miners, the party starts to head deeper into the dungeon minus our horseholding friends.

After taking out a couple archers, we make our way through the dungeon, past more traps and into a room with a cauldron and colored goblin skulls piled on the floor next to it. It appears a blue skull makes big dead things appear out of the cauldron. Corvus, the skull dropper, drops a red skull in as he engages the big dead things in battle. Nothing happens.

During the course of the fight, it seems the main objective has switched from conquering the undead monsters to putting as many colored skulls into the cauldron as possible. Elric is the winner when he uses a spell to lift all the skulls and throw them into the cauldron at once. Doors are flung open, more monsters appear in the next room. Many an “oh shit” is heard before combat ensues.

During the course of the fight Korvus enters berzerker mode and goes for the necromancer. The big monsters are slowly whittled down as the party shifts down towards the main chamber, killing along the way.

We finally defeat the necromancer after a little game of invisibility peek-a-boo. Castar performs the ritual and opens the tomb. Inside the tomb we see what appears to be a dwarven artifact in the shape of a beating heart. Dulgar says it is very important to the Hammerfest clan and he will take it back to them.

We take the King’s Road to Harkenwold. We are stopped by an elf named Slynias and warned about goblins waylaying people on the road. There is also an Orc fortress of some type near the village of Harkenwold. The tower guards the road. Dulgar warns us about some dwarf cultists from the Glintshield clan called the Shadowed Chain. They stole four artifacts that were binding an earth titan, one of which we have recovered.

Elf offers to guide us in to the tower. After arriving at the tower, we listen at the door. Lots of talking, laughing and gambling going on…all in goblinspeak! Hobbit tries to unlock door, but the goblins hear and are ready for us as we bust in. Approximately 15 seconds later there are about 15ish dead goblins with only a hobgoblin leader left alive.



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