Escape from Fallcrest

Castar's Epic Quest Begins aka the Tales of Tobias Took

July 27, 2012

We head back to a refugee filled Hammerfast. They are from Axefell which has been overrun by undead. Axefell is just Northeast of Winterhaven. Their king is Thogrid the Absent. There is also a council of clerics meeting in town. We are hailed as heroes as we enter, but everyone has business for us before we get a chance to party. Dulgar meets with his dad, Zulgar the Bold, who is leader of the Council of Lords in Hammerfest. Castar is supposed to meet with Ztasdil the High Priest of Pelor.

Dulgar meets with his father and the Hammerfast council. There is some chat about who is responsible for payment for our heroic deeds. It is finally settled that we can choose some armor to be crafted for us. There may or may be some kind of reward from Lord Farren Markelhay. The council is also sending a diplomatic message with the Dulgar.

Dulgar escorts Castar to his meeting with the priests. Zorbin the Dwarf, Tomwise the Halfling, Silvais is a Paladin to Bahamut and seems to be dominating the meeting. Silvais does the talking, which is somewhat unusual considering where we are. Ztasdil tells Castar that his Calling has come. My task is at hand. Nar Tell the Damed has a tower outside of Axefell. Unfortunately, they believe the Book of Death has been found. Castar needs to try and find the four books and return them to the Temple of Mordin in Hammerfast. They suggest I use a special stone to locate the books, they give me a cloth that might have belonged to Nar Tell. The stone is the Iron Tomb which nobody has entered for years. We are warned not to touch or remove anything from the tomb.

As we enter the Tomb a disembodied voice questions us about our intent. We explain and are allowed to pass. There is some kind of fire trap that Tobias trips as me enter. Mindartus is unable to disarm it fully. As Dulgar takes his turn at punishment in the fire, it goes out and restarts after he passes. Castar asks him to come back and then walks with him through the trap leading the wolf.

We head down the hall, crowded around Dulgar, and enter the first room. We are attacked by a Banshee and some Zombie Hulks. They hit hard and we immediately have to pull out the big guns. We eventually down all the zombies. Then they start getting up again. Castar shouts, “throw them in the pit!” Mindartis beheads a zombie in combat and he disappears. Castar runs over and beheads another that is prone and it poofs. The rest of the zombies start to rise. We finish off the zombies again.

Meanwhile, Rock has been keeping the Banshee busy with some late help from Dulgar. She is eventually slain by a massive strike from the bow of Tobias Took.

As we proceed into the next room, all hell breaks loose. We are attacked by Swordwraiths, Wights and some kind of four-legged, horned creature (basalisk) that Korvus Bronn immediately rushes and leaps upon. Korvus Bronn rides the basalisk into the room where the big fight is going badly and the gaze of the basalisk immobilizes two creatures. Tobias suffers some major injuries and Korvus continues to hang on to the basalisk. In fact, Korvus maneuvers the basilisk into turning a wight to stone. Castar bravely kills the second Swordwraith and the fight drags on…

Korvus guides the basalisk to another kill and we finally finish off the rest of the undead. Eventually, Korvus conquers the basilisk who runs off to another chamber before turning to stone.


The Legend of Tobias Took – Ranger of the Wild

The bowstring rings and the arrow shaft sings,
Toward the creature targeted it springs.
Striding through the wilds without fear (and always in search of beer)
He is without peer.
Legendary ranger Tobias Took.

An arrow burrowed deep in the dragon’s side,
He now wears armor tanned from its hide.
The Griffon downed in mid-flight’s flail,
A feather plucked from its tail
Adorns the hat of Tobias Took.

Disabling the traps and drinking from springs,
Leading the search for the magic rings,
Peering through darkness to lead his party,
His exploits the troubadours sing of heartily.
Dark Seer Tobias Took

Trice risen from those who would harm,
He wears his luck as a charm.
When the banners wave and the king calls,
As the crowd’s cheers echo from the walls,
They salute Tobias Took.
Treading the ice cavern required more than luck,
And there he acquired the wolf dog Buck.
Who strides ready when dangers near,
His devotion to his master clear,
Wolf Master Tobias Took.

A hulking Zombie army could not stand
Against the arrows sting they were damned.
The Banshee’s wails were to no avail,
Evil shrinks all across the Vail,
From Tobias Took


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