Escape from Fallcrest

North to Nen!


Heading back to Hammerfest to report on the Duergar. The trip back is uneventful.

There is a commotion in town as we arrive. We are not the center of attention, something has the attention of the dwarves. Rok is chuckling as we approach. We then notice Korvus, laying naked naked in the street with his clothes and weapons stacked and folded neatly beside him. A vagrant attempts to grab Korvus’s clothes and weapons and a spirit griffin grabs him and flings him. The townsfolk and guard flee. We are left standing in the middle of bazaar… which no longer has customers. We have no clue why Korvus is in this situation and answers don’t seem to be forthcoming.

A pail of beer awakens Korvus who puts on some pants so he does not intimidate the rest of us. The watch finally shows up to investigate. They inform us Dulgar’s dad wants to speak with us. He congratulates us on a job well done and sends us off.

Rok has a clue to the location of the Book of Decadence. Some distant clansman may have it or know something about it. We must travel north to Lake Nen or beyond. Dulgar gets us mounts and packs. We head to Nenlast and resupply.

A halfling asks Tobias if he is here to slay Bitterstrike. Through the couse of conversation we learn that Bitterstrike is a great white dragon and is fed by the bad shifters. We are invited to dinner and are put up for the night by some kind townsfolk. We learn that it’s been a long time since the dragon has flown. Much of the rest of the info is speculation handed down from their fathers. The Tigerclaw clan is not allowed in town. Rok’s people protect the town since their failed attack twenty years ago.

Apparently there was a party that tried to slay the dragon, but only one returned. We go to visit Paulus and learn what we can. Paulus tells us rumors about the drow moving and possibly attacking outlying villages, but he has no confirmation. Paulus tells about losing his two sons and whole adventuring party to the dragon. He tells us that in the lair there is more gold than he has ever seen. Tobias’s eyes light with a greedy glint. Paulus becomes somewhat belligerent about his failure, but is able to give us the basic location of the old lair. We stay in town that night and head out the next day.

We head to to village located close to the dragon lair to scout it out. We find a Tigerclaw village and Rok thinks we need to attack it. There are some strange men dancing around a fire, some guards and a shaman who appears and disappears around town.

We commence our attack. Rok attempts to sneak up on the guard in the woods, but muffs the whole endeavor somehow. The rest of the party attacks. Well, except for Korvus who freezes up and mutters something. A long and bloody fight ensues. In the end, the shaman is the only enemy lefts and he surrenders after a mighty magic from Castar. As part of the surrender deal, he tells us to look for the dragon by the boats.

Korvus plays with the staff from the shaman and it seems to summon the dragon. He asks why we are here and what have we done with his feeders. Castar attempts to negotiate for the book, but the dragon smells Castar and leaps forward to attack. Another long and bloody fight ensues. Many of the party members exceed previous combat accomplishments, but again, Tobias delivers the killing blow.

We find a lot of gold, jewelry and gems worth another 2 thousand gold. A level 10 flaming spear. Level 5 gloves of Recovery (adventurers vault 2 p. 96). Level 9 Sureshot gloves AV 137). Level 10 healers shield 117 AV). Level 11 battering Craghammer +3 63 AV).



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