Escape from Fallcrest

January 18, 2013

Strange visions of Korvus on a basalisk… then on a griffin… screaming with pain. The griffin flies through the ceiling of the tomb and Korvus disappears. Tobias weeps.

Castar, Dolgar, Tobias, Mindartus, Rok, Elric and Buck are left standing in the tomb. We are looking at a fountain and a statue of a Mordain holding a glowing orb.

Castar places the cloth that might have belonged to Nar Tell the Damed over the glowing orb. The pool of water rises and morphs into a scene or vision. The first is a spellbook lying open on a table then we see a tower then a group of zombies feeding on the corpses of dwarves. Dulgar recognizes the Tower of Kzar Natr. A haunted tower outside an ancient dwarven settlement north of Hammerfast. Which is the area Thogrid is from. Book of Dead?

The water reshapes into another scene where lizard-like creatures are sacrificing an elven maiden by fire. The next vision is of a reptilian priest navigating a pyramid type structure disarming traps as he moves along. He enters a chamber where he must swim underwater to reach. The tunnel ends, he reaches up and does something, the door opens. He swims up and enters a cavern is an island with a pedestal and a spellbook on the pedestal. Book of Decay?

Rock recognizes some shifters, Tobias is also familiar with them. They travel a frozen road with bound prisoners. They meet some Drow witches who pay the shifters for the prisoners. The vision dissipates and our room is suddenly cold. A new vision appears of the witches leading the captives to a chamber with a white dragon resting on gold. The dragon appears blind. The witch elf cuts the throat of a prisoner, drinks some blood and tosses the prisoner to the dragon. As the vision fades, we see a spellbook amongst the treasure. Book of Decadence?

Another vision forms of clerics and avengers charging across sand on horseback. The desert air and our room are hot. The knights and avengers fight gnolls and humans, but they are losing. Some clerics are running through a maze, one is seperated, he trips and falls and right in front of him is a book. He reaches out to grab the spellbook and a hoof steps on his hand and an axe dismembers him at the forearm.

The water drops back into the pool, the cloth is gone.

We leave the tomb and begin our planning. We enter the temple and get directions to the tower where we think the Book of the Dead is located. The tower is supposedly the final resting place of a dead necromancer.

Dulgar’s father’s master of arms wants to meet with Dulgar. The meeting place is in the hills outside Hammerfast. We see Norin off in the distance waiting with a wagon. As we approach, Buck stops and won’t approach. Something in the cart is bothering Buck. Castar walks up and looks in to find 4 dead orcs, all preserved under the Gentle Repose spell. The Orcs appear to be ones from Stonefang Pass. The Duegar have established multiple outposts south of Hammerfast between Lake Dunmere and Glimmer Peak.

Dulgar’s father wants us to hit an ourpost and bring back intel. The Orc bodies are there to be dropped off at the site we hit. We should also make the place undesireable as a base. Don’t be seen.

Rock, Elric and Mindartus head back to Fallcrest to report to Lord Markelay. Dulgar, Castar and Tobias choose to complete the tasks that are before them.

Castar begins driving the cart, Dulgar in the compartment and Tobias scouting ahead. Twice Tobias spots others. We pull off the road to avoid detection each time. We find a Duegar party on the road, apparently resupplying an outpost. The resupply group leaves and we decide to wait until night to make our approach. Unfortunately, we are spotted as we start making our move. Buck shows himself for a moment. The Duergar talk some and then head back into the building.

Dulgar and Castar move up to the side of the building. Tobias starts dropping suckas with his bow. Dulgar and Castar bust in the building and surprise the dwarves at dice. A few moments of combat and the room is cleared of Duergar. We do find a trap door under a carpet. After a quick rest, we open the door and look down and find a raised stone platform and a room with four hallways leading out, each in a cardinal direction.

Tobias find a trap, sidesteps it and then finds a firetrap in the first hallway he checks. He incidentally sets it off, but escapes major damage. Dulgar steps up to take a look, but triggers the first trap which teleports him in to the fire trap. He escapes out the far end burnt rather well. Tobias makes a big leap down with only minor burns and begins to examine the control panel. Unfortunately the panel explodes damaging the dwarf and halfling.

There is a room at the end of the hall. We enter and find barrels full of mining explosives. We head down another corridor and hear eating and talking inside. As Castar and Tobias argue about a course of action, the door opens. Pandemonium ensues. We quickly win the fight however.

We try another corridor. At the end of the corridor we find a room with a statue of a Lion Knight. We search the room for objects or clues and Dulgar figures out that we are over a tomb. Dulgar and Tobias rob the tomb of a cloak and lift a nice cloak off of the decayed body of a Lion Knight. Castar shakes his head and prays for them.

We proceed to the last corridor and as we listen at the door, we hear dwarves talking behind the door with explosives. We bust in and charge the wizard. Castar beats him down pretty good and Tobias finishes the deed. Meanwhile Dulgar and the wolf take out one of the guards. Duergar reinforcements arrive and we close the door quick as we clean up the room we are in. We open it and try and bust out after we hear them sending one guard for reinforcements. Castar slays a demon, Tobias runs down the Duergar running for reinforcements and Dulgar mops up.

We plant the dead orcs, blow up the tunnel and head out.



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