Escape from Fallcrest

Titan Power!

As the dungeon guys exit Korvus greets us with the head of the Hammerfist Guard. Mudder. According to Mudder, the dwarves can hold back the orcs any longer, we need to bind Stonefang. As we enter the entrance, the Shadow Clan dwarves run up to us and inform us that Stonefang is breaking through. They want to know if we are ready and know how to complete the ritual.

As we enter the chamber, Korvus charges the hand emerging from the pit and strikes at it. The fight starts and our attacks against the Titan are mostly inneffective. Luckily, he only hits Korvus Bronn once. We get lucky on our first try at the binding and have two in the correct circle. Castar observes the dwarf attempt the ritual and when he is unable to complete his portion Castar yells for the dwarf to switch circles with him. Castar reaches the other circle and completes his portion of the binding. Meanwhile Korvus Bronn had knocked the Titan back into the pit and he was just emerging again to some timely attacks from Korvus and Mudder. Mindartis arrives hurriedly buckling his pants. It is apparent the healing in the first aid tent had been effective. No word on the Rock yet. He is probably still on profile. Obviously the adventurers need to set up an SOP on local girls and/or relations with dwarven women.

Meanwhile the fight continues, but Stonefang is showing signs of wear and weakness after the ritual. He is also much more vulnerable and our heroes seem to be doing some significant damage. After much punishment, the Titan is stuffed back into the hole with a parting shot from Tobias Took.

As we exit the chamber heading towards the pass we are jumped by a gaggle of orcs. As a hail of arrows descend on the party the boys get busy. Korvus Bronn yells “let’s hunt some Orc!” as he plunges into melee. The fight goes well for the boys. During the fight, Korvus Bronn has their leader troll at his mercy and gives him an opportunity to run in exchange for a treasure map. However, that doesn’t stop the halfling and wizard from going for the cheap kill. Pelor does not approve. Magma Beast apologizes for killing the troll after he notices the treasure map goes up in flames upon the death of the troll.

At the end of the fight, Korvus Bronn spares the last orc because he tells where the minotaurs and hill giants are… as he runs off, Rock and a band of dwarves show up, kill the fleeing orc. The dwarven sappers blow the bridge, cutting off the orc army.

No fighter day!
June 1, 2012

Citadel cleared and pass area. We see a tower with a trail of dwarf bodies leading to it. There is currently a battle between orcs and dwarves going on. An important dwarf yells for us to retrieve the Eye of Stonefang from the tower catacombs.

Rock, Mindartis and Korvus join the dwarves in the battle with the orcs.

The tower is guarded by a stout crew of orcs. As we try and storm the entrance, a fierce battle takes place. Much knavery ensues. The end result is that our heroes are still standing and the REMF orcs are all dead.

Meanwhile, the battle noises in the distance have faded somewhat, although they are not over. During the fight, we heard a bit of noise from inside the tower, but nothing else came out. After the fight we grab a little gold off the dead bodies and then Tobias Took sneaks up the entrance and peeks in at 3 obviously magic using orcs.

After much wizardry, fire and poison, the orcs are dead. A hush falls on the room, seeming out of place after the chaos and noisy uproar of only a few moments ago.

An odd mirror with a ghoul, a plate of ribs and some other stuff comes into play. In the end, Tobias Took is poisoned and Elric gains potence (and a level). Dulgar and Castar feel no effects.

We move downstairs to explore. We come to a trapped door and the hobbit goes to work on the the trap and trigger. He fails. Magic spinning blades attack us.

The hobbit and wizard move down another corridor and spring a trap as they try to trip a lever. Luckily the hobbit makes it to the level disabling the trap. They continue down the hall and pick up a gem that looks like a rib.

Tobias Took explores past a trap down the next corridor and is able to turn a dial and light up the pegasus light on the door by the basement entrance. The other branch leads to a frozen lake, 6 sleeping wolves and a chest.

Tobias leaves the room and his chance at becoming a living legend.

We explore the last main branch. We send Tobias down the corridor. He finds some neato boots and we contemplate messing with a hallway that has a lot of obvious traps. We send Tobias to turn the pegasus wheel to blue. Minus the hobbit, we head to the magical door and open it. A weird chest with obvious mini-keys is found. We have one of the keys.

We find a big statue. We put the crystal ball in the hand of the dwarven wizard statue which slides back and gives another mini key. We now only need two.

In another room we find a color coded path to a chest. We send the hobbit and he makes it to the chest, retrieving another mini-key.

We head back to the wolf and ice room. Tobias Took sneaks in, sneaks across the room falling only once, he reaches the chest, pulls out the last mini-key and heads back to the rest of the party. Just before he reaches the party, his legendary status is shattered when he slips and falls, waking the wolves. A mad scramble to escape follows. The party reacts very quickly to rescue the fallen shorty. Tobias Took tries to scramble up the ice shelf, but falls again. The wolves charge, but one falls in the ice.

Dulgar was ready with the rope and with some quick thinking and a heroic pull that brings Tobias Took into the protection of the party leaving his legendary status in the pit with the wolves. The wolves attempt to follow and attack. Kindhearted Castar sadly leaves them as the party indulges in the base bloodlust instincts and slays the poor wolves.

In the end, with one injured wolf left, Tobias Took is able to befriend him. Somehow.

Our wizard figures out that the chest was demon trapped. Castar prays to Pelor for guidance and the trap is miraculously dispelled.

Inside the chest is the Eye of Stonefang. We have now assembled all the pieces.

The Titan's Pit

We pick up the adventure as the boys are descending into StoneFang Pass which appears to be more of an underground tunnel than a real pass. Mindartis puts an orc down with a backstab at the bottom of the stairs. Korvus Bronn finishes the other two. We have now secured the entrance to the tunnel structure. Elric spots something odd with the rock and Tobias Took figures out how to open it.

Dulgar tells us he believes this is the binding area of the Titan, Stonefang. A couple guys peek ahead and see a commotion in a central pit. Some kind of badass magic goes off and peels a surge off of Mindartis. It would appear something is trying to break out of the pit. Since we have three of the bindings, we know that we need a 4th to complete the binding. Waves of magic continue to strip surges off the boys that are searching the cave.

Mindartis finds a path that leads into a wall, some kind of secret door that the hobbit is able to spot. Mindartis opens the door into a dark hallway with an old, but small, track leading through it. The hallway ends in another secret door that only allows two through at a time. As we start going through, we find orcs are on the other side torturing a dwarf. The room has other dead dwarven bodies also. Tobias takes a long shot down the hall at a couple orcs. The orcs Korvus is fighting yell for help. A door opens, many orcs fire their longbows and Tobias becomes a virtual pincushion falling to the ground with a sad squeal. Castar arrives through the door and, once again, saves Tobias from certain death. Rock blocks the hallway stopping an ever growing number of orcs from overwhelming us. Quickly, the tide turns in our favor. Many orcs go down under the wizard’s spells. Eventually, all the orcs are killed and we heal up.

Dulgar tells us the dead dwarves are from his brother’s personal bodyguard. We search the area and find two cells with prisoners. We also find Dulgar’s dead brother. With that, Dulgar becomes Arden’s Champion and even gets a helmet of office.

The dwarven priest survivors tell us the last binding for the titan is in the citadel. It appears the orcs control the citadel. As we approach, we must cross a bridge, held by a significant force of orcs. As we get to the bridge, a storm of arrows greets us. A big orc riding a boar also charges us. Party members are getting pin-cushioned by the archers. Eventually we get things evened and take the lead by playing defensive. After clearing most of the bridge defenders, we move up to finish the troll shaman, who somehow made it out of the river and finish off the rest of the archers in the tower.

Castar finishes off the last orc with style and the party takes a nice relaxing rest.

Siege Day
1-27-12 You can do a fondle

Rock and Elric are already at Hammerfest with Dolgar’s father Zulgar the Bold. Hammerfest is a weird town where dogs and cats are living together. Politics and trade and Orcs make for a strange combination within the town.

Our uber sized convoy slowly approaches Hammerfest. Hot air balloons can be seen all over the city. This means that it is Siege Day or the Day After. Ghosts are re-enacting the siege in the town. Weird. Siege Day is also a feast day, however the town has little food. Until we arrive.

As we enter the town we notice some orcs watching us. Two of them run full speed into town. Two more approach, one being the shaman we let go in the tower. He greets us. As he walks off, he mentions that we won’t be alive next time we are in town. He says that in Orc, not realizing one of us understands us.

Orcs are everywhere in the city and they all seem to be watching us as we move deeper into the city. We eventually meet up with Rock and Elric. Dulgar’s personal guard joins us and escorts us to the palace to meet with his father. Zulgar the Bold seems irritated and asks if “this is the only help” that Dulgar could bring back. An argument ensues. Dad is pissed. Apparently Dulgar’s brother is doing something to bind the titan at Stonefang Pass. We are informed that we need to join his brother. We need to get away from the Orc’s prying eyes to avoid ambushes, etc. Dulgar suggests that we take a balloon.

We load up on the hot air balloons. Everything goes fine until the landing, we have a crash due to some bad flying skills. We dust ourselves off and move on. We are about a mile from the pass before Tobias Took notes that someone is following us. Tobias scouts out the pass for us. He notes two hippogryphs controlling the broken bridge over the water with some Orcs on the far side, obviously guarding the area.

After some scouting, Tobias is attacked by one of the Hippogryphs. The same Hippogryph is then jumped on by a charging Korvus Bronn. The Hippogryph flies off with Korvus on his back. Meanwhile the Orcs attack the rest of the gang. A bit of fighting goes on, but the most interesting fight is in the air. Korvus lands a couple nice shots on the Hippogryph, the creature tries to shake him and flies back at the party. Korvus tries one more time and stuns the Hippogryph, taking him to the ground and killing him. Korvus leaps off and does a nice roll, emerging unscathed from the whole affair. Yes. Unhurt. No wounds.

As the party is jumped from behind, Castar unleashes his new, and awesome, spell. The effect surprises everyone, even Castar. Every orc in range is killed. The Orc shaman jumps up next and sends some juju our way. Things go badly with Tobias getting knocked out and Dulgar and our wizard bloody, our cleric and Korvus wounded. Castar calls on the might of Pelor and casts two spells healing the wounded and prone around him.

The heroes make many fine attacks over the course of the fight. The orcs on the near side of the bridge are slain. So is the hippogryph. The Rock and our assassin continue to trim down the orcs on the far side of the bridge as the rest of us move to join them.

Eventually the party takes down the final hero-type orc. It was a long and brutal fight with our heroes expending most of their best powers during the course of the action.

After a short rest, and fearing more orcish ambushes, we descend the pass into what appears to be a tunnel. Immediately upon entrance we encounter firebeetles and stirges. The fight goes well. Korvus opens the door into the next hall and greeted by a roomful of angry orcs. A long fight ensues with many an orc dying.

Food and Food

We arrive in Fallcrest and the gate guard tells us there has been some trouble (poisoning, etc) and our quarters have been moved to a wing of the palace. Styling. Rock and Elric have run off to Hammerfest on some kind of research errand for the Lady. Tobias Took has secured our wing and is waiting for us with lots of alcoholic drinks.

We head in to report to Lord Farren Markelhay who has a letter to Dulgar from his father. The letter mentions something about an upcoming war and his father is requesting help.

Lord Markelhay speaks to the rest of us after the Dwarf leaves. He tells us about the symbiotic relationship between Hammerfest and Fallcrest. Hammerfest is almost totally reliant on trade food from Fallcrest. The last two trade convoys have been ambushed. We are supposed to spend some time escorting convoys and Dulgar back to Hammerfest. The Lady gives a Sun Globe as a gift. We configure a temporary mount on our Battle Standard.

Dulgar takes the relics (pieces of the titan) from our previous adventure to the Lady’s wizard (Nicoderm) to figure out some of the properties. Between them, they figure out that at least two of the pieces of the titan are in the hands of the orcs.

Our mission: Escort convoy to Thunderspire, guards guard while we clear old hills, go back to Thunderspire, pick up the two additional convoys and escort them and Dulgar to Hammerfest.

About halfway to Thunderspire we come across the remains of an ambushed convoy. Everything is dead or gone. We find a gnoll body also. Most of the food remains.

We get the convoy moving and Tobias scouts ahead to the fort at Thunderspire. He sees no tracks but he does meet Fallcrest guards at Thunderspire. They say that they have not had a single convoy make it to them. A scouting party went out the old hills and didn’t make it back. The rest of us reach the fort with the convoy. Not everything can fit in the fort and it is only guarded by twelve men.

We head back to the ambush spot and attempt to follow the tracks of the gnolls and cows. As we expertly use our “skills” to follow the trail stealthily, and arrive at what appears to be a path that goes underground.

Tobias moves ahead and scouts as we move into an obvious underground lair. Mindartis attempts to sneak ahead but kicks a pebble alerting the gnoll guards. We charge in and engage the gnolls. Some doors on the side open and sand begins to pour into the room at a high rate of speed. We kill the three gnolls in the room and mostly avoid the sand trap. Near the end of the fight, Tobias peers through the portcullis and we see three more gnolls in the next room.

Mindartus figures out how to open the portcullis. We charge in and end up fighting three tough gnolls and four tough hyenas. Two of the hyenas are put down immediately by excellent work by our melee artists and a big hitter spell by Castar. The party performs admirably in the room with many hero-like blows worthy of paintings or tales of renown.

It would appear the gnolls were using some kind of tomb as a lair. The door to the next room appears ancient and of peculiar design and function and our great insight provides us references to the past. As the door opens, a very large gnoll opposes us and two longbowmen off in the corner began to fire. Tobias also senses something in the pool in the middle of the room.

Korvus Bronn puts the big gnoll on the ground and we beat him severely, but then a big nasty pops out of the well-like thing and attacks Tobias Took who puts up a valiant fight before being snatched by tentacles. Will he survive? Or will he be a tasty hobbit-sized snack?

The hobbit frees himself and then is immediately grabbed again. The party gangs up on the foul creature, but he is not going down easy. Dulgar engages the archers while we try to free Tobias Took. Tobias once again frees himself as his friends beat on the Grell. Eventually the Grell has had enough and flees. Korvus jumps down the well. Yes, down the well.

Eventually, we all end up down the well. We disarm a blade trap of some sort and Tobias does some scouting. He sees an open room down one hall and some kind of skeletal bowmen. As we move down the hallway, three ghoul like creatures erupt out of the coffins. Moments later, a mummy joins the fight. Some intense fighting follows with the members using the greatest skills. Displays of timing and finesse begin to take their toll on the undead. The fight drags on though, draining the powers of the heroes. Eventually, the mummy dies leaving one archer and one ghoul to oppose a weakened group of adventurers. We slowly and painfully finish of the last two deadites.

Then we sack the tomb.

And then there were four

Now with the Hobgoblin dead, we begin to plan our next move. We find a scroll sitting on a table written in what appears to be Black Speech… aka orcish.

“Chieftan Grumbash,

Are nothing to do with the artifact. Keep Hidden do not touch. Party sent to get. Messenger come quicker. Two days behind is Shang to get bring to me. Hands off, kill any dwarfs around. No one get to Harkenwold ti I get hands on it."

Elric thinks Lord Markley needs to know what is going on immediately because of the artifacts and the apparent Orc invasion. Rock and Tobias head back to Fallcrest with the news and scroll.

The remaining four of us head up the stairs to investigate the rest of the tower. As we ascend to the second floor, we note arrowheads peaking out of a tapestry and a glowing red set of eyes near a statue and pile of bones. Arrows skip off the wall near our head and the party leaps into combat. Korvus Bronn attempts to cross the chamber and the center of the floor collapses. Only an athletic leap back saves him from going to the bottom floor. He engages the two archers behind the tapestry. Mindartis uses a racial ability called fey step to basically teleport up to the other two archers on the raised platform.

Skeletons pop up as Castar moves to join Korvus Bronn. Tonights healing word is bitch. Anyway… the fight continues and shifts up the stairs to the next floor. The party is slightly spread out because the healer and dwarf are slowed by the skeletons.

A circle of ruins, bedding and broken walls and a magic circle greet Korvus on the top floor. Oh, also a bugbear, the escaped goblin shaman and some guy in a lot of armor. Castar slays the final skeleton and moves to join the men on the top floor. The dwarf runs, but doesn’t get much further. Korvus moves to attack the bugbear and narrowly avoids a floor trap. His attack is powerful, knocking the bugbear down and then hitting him again when he gets up. However, the bugbear delivers a shot to Korvus, bloodying him in one blow. Mindartus joins Korvus and puts the hurt on the bugbear, but doesn’t kill him. Korvus finishes the bugbear and shifts over to attack the goblin underboss who is attacking the dwarf, Dulgar. Mindartus attacks the goblin mage and is attacked by two wolves that pop out of the bedding in the corner. Both wolves deliver critical blows injuring him severely. The party fights fiercely dropping the spellcaster quickly.

The fight goes about another minute, but the party keeps the advantage and ends the encounter decisively. Gems worth about 300 gp are found and a nice set of blades are found which we give to Korvus. We rest the night and head out the next day. Following the road east, we go to the Orc fortress, near the village of Harkenwold. The fortress appears to be underground and the trail we followed lead clearly to it.

As we head down the stairs, a large room opens up before us. Three fire beetles, two orcs and a dead goblin are in the room. Korvus and Castar take out a fire beetle, then the fire beetles breathe on the party. Two orcs also jump Castar, combined with the damage from the fire beetle, he goes down. Dulgar runs up and heals Castar in a timely fashion. Things are touch and go for a while, but our studliness sees us through. We find a dwarf near deaths door, he tells information regarding the titan. He says they only wanted the titan to destroy the orcs, then they were going to bind him again. He says we can bind him by taking the 4 parts to the magic circles and saying “Tarzak Stongmak” (This is old dwarfish for I bind you from the days when the dwarfs were the slaves of giants.

We approach a door leading further into the fortress/dungeon. We hear a lot of activity on the other side; the rattle of plates, laughing, talking, etc. A quick peek in the room reveals a large group of orcs are having a banquet and party. We Leroy Jenkins into the room and lay waste to the enemy. The surviving mage bargains for his life, gives us a nice hammer, tells us where the hidden stuff is and tells us about the chieftan, who he hates.

After prepping for the fight, Castar pulls the lever that opens the door and the fight begins. There is a chieftan, two orc berserkers and a wolf. The berzerkers are quickly dispatched, but the chieftan is a beast and takes much longer. After a super long fight, the chieftan finally dies. We search the room and find 400 gold. As we exit, we hear a dragon scream and see that Harkenwood is on fire. We rescue 20 villagers from their burning huts. There was much scorched skin and clothing, but we succeeded.

The Baron of the town, Stockmar, thanks us. Then notices the dwarf and gets angry with him about the presence of attacks when the dwarfs show up. The Baron tells us that at the winter and summer soltice he has to give the dragon 20 head of cattle. We check the dwarf warehouse in the city and notice a hatch where we find another part of the artifact.


We free some dwarven mining prisoners after we clear the main hall. Unfortunately, one is already dead. He had the same exact appearance as the doppleganger.

The miners were brought here to do some repairs, then Targen Stoneheart arrived with an artifact and the whole operation went to hell with bandit attacks, etc.

With some clues about what lays ahead of us thanks to the miners, the party starts to head deeper into the dungeon minus our horseholding friends.

After taking out a couple archers, we make our way through the dungeon, past more traps and into a room with a cauldron and colored goblin skulls piled on the floor next to it. It appears a blue skull makes big dead things appear out of the cauldron. Corvus, the skull dropper, drops a red skull in as he engages the big dead things in battle. Nothing happens.

During the course of the fight, it seems the main objective has switched from conquering the undead monsters to putting as many colored skulls into the cauldron as possible. Elric is the winner when he uses a spell to lift all the skulls and throw them into the cauldron at once. Doors are flung open, more monsters appear in the next room. Many an “oh shit” is heard before combat ensues.

During the course of the fight Korvus enters berzerker mode and goes for the necromancer. The big monsters are slowly whittled down as the party shifts down towards the main chamber, killing along the way.

We finally defeat the necromancer after a little game of invisibility peek-a-boo. Castar performs the ritual and opens the tomb. Inside the tomb we see what appears to be a dwarven artifact in the shape of a beating heart. Dulgar says it is very important to the Hammerfest clan and he will take it back to them.

We take the King’s Road to Harkenwold. We are stopped by an elf named Slynias and warned about goblins waylaying people on the road. There is also an Orc fortress of some type near the village of Harkenwold. The tower guards the road. Dulgar warns us about some dwarf cultists from the Glintshield clan called the Shadowed Chain. They stole four artifacts that were binding an earth titan, one of which we have recovered.

Elf offers to guide us in to the tower. After arriving at the tower, we listen at the door. Lots of talking, laughing and gambling going on…all in goblinspeak! Hobbit tries to unlock door, but the goblins hear and are ready for us as we bust in. Approximately 15 seconds later there are about 15ish dead goblins with only a hobgoblin leader left alive.



As the party wakes up on the day of the banquet to celebrate the slaying of the dragon by Tobis Took, Queef the strange requests a meeting with Tobias. Castar and Mindartus accompany him. Rock decides to go hunting while Elric lazes about town and Korvus Bronn is helping to choose the festival queen.

It is made clear that Castar and Mindartus are not welcome with Queef, so they are left outside with the door open as Queef makes a proposition to Tobis. Something to do with the bedroom. It turns out Queef, who is old and decrepit but possesses a fine alchemy workshop, would like her daughter’s body recovered from the The Sword Barrow. The daughter also had a magical necklace that Queef would like.

After arriving back at the barracks, Tobis finds another note. Balsic the minstrel would like to speak to Tobis about his deeds. Castar and Mindartus shake their heads and follow Tobis to a somewhat upscale private club. As we head to the back room, we are ambushed!

The braves concentrate their attacks on Tobias and put the little man down quickly. A dwarven patron yells out for guards and moves in to help the hapless halfling. Meanwhile Castar casts Beacon of Hope, slaying two minions and saving Tobias from the brink of death. Rock and Elric had come to join the boys at the club and arrive in the midst of the melee. They soon enter the fray. Tobias goes down a second time and almost instantly springs up, powered by some inner will that not only keeps him fighting, but binds some of his wounds. However, his bravery is rewarded by one of Castar’s spells. Cast cast Return from Death’s door and the durable halfling is once again on his feat.

Eventually, the group prevails. The bodies contain no clues, but clothes and armor are gathered to show Korvus Bronn. The dwarf introduces himself as Dulgar. Eventually, Korvus figures out the assassins were from the Stormclaw or Tigerclaw Barbarians.

Dulgar tells us he needs assistance on a quest. In return he says he might be able to fashions something out of the dragon skin for us. There is a tower that needs exploring because a lord wants the dwarves to rebuild the tower. Also, there is an item that needs to be recovered.

We all head back to the barracks and to the banquet. The Lord shadows Tobias for most of the evening, basking in his glory. Dulgar is given a seat of honor at the banquet. The Lady speaks to Elric and Mandartin and then isn’t seen for a while. It was a great party and the Band of Irrelevance retires for the evening with many an admiring lass plotting future conquests.

A dwarf named (sorik orvaz) arrives and tells the Band a party of stonemasons was ambushed at Vandameres towe. They require our immediate investigation and troubleshooting skills. Apparently, the Dwarf Lord Dulgar has invited himself to join us on this mission. We are warned by other dwarves to not let anything happen to him.

Sorik leads us to the tower. The hilltop if foggy and the tower is a broken ring of stone. Some tents off to the side obviously were the home of some dwarven workers. We spot a dwarf and four humans. Castar notices that the dwarf doesn’t really seem to be a prisoner, but the chatter in the party drowns out his warning. As the bandits attack, the mighty Elric lets loose with freezing cloud. After a few moments of combat, the corpses start to rise and attack us! Suddenly!

The “captured” dwarf escapes his captor, runs behind a tent and then appears around the other side calling for help as he runs to the heroes. He tries to attack our dwarven lord and the boys put him down quick. After he dies, he loses his assumed form and reverts back to that of a doppleganger.

The party rests and inspects the area. We find an entrance into the tower. Also a crest from the previous owners. Nothing of value is found outside.

As we head into the dungeon, we are rudely greeted by denizens of the foul lair. Much combat ensued. The party slowly, but steadily defeats the entrance group. We rest before we plunge ahead.

Augutst 19 - A New Thief

After being detained helping out the sick, Castar decided to meet up with the boys and find out the latest scoop and what the next mission would be. When we left Coppernight Hold and returned to Fallcrest the dwarf went right up to the palace and met an upset dwarf priest named Grundelmar that thought the mining operation would be protected. Elric brings back a new recruit by the name of Mandartis with instructions to go to Kobold Hall and find a dwarf and the missing Winterhaven supply trains and investigate why we haven’t heard from Harkenwood.

We join a caravan that passes close to Kobold Hall. We meet a Pelor cleric by the name of Marla that says that there is a lot of deathcult and or demon type activities in Winterhaven. She is going there to investigate.

Tobias and Mandartis sneak up to Kobold Hall to scout a bit. They find a tower and move in further to investigate. The places is eerie and abandoned, yet bears the signs of much traffic. The scouts find sign of a watcher that was recently in the tower, most likely watching the caravan. The scouts gather the boys together to investigate a trapdoor they find below the tower and hall.

A darkened stair opens before the party. Down the stairs a kobold cries an alarm. The room is strange, with a pit in the middle with green goo in it. A fight ensues that runs the course of two rooms. The boys take a few minor wounds, mostly from traps, but they prevail over the mighty kobolds.

Further into the complex, a large party of kobolds engages the party, but are slaughtered. Certain members of the party plunge ahead with little strategy, but much bloodlust. The boys encounter some tougher kobolds and use some big spells and powers and annihilate their enemies in the third and fourth chamber. Some stairs lead up. With the kobold chieftan dead, the gang moves on following a long tunnel.

At the bottom of the stairs we are surprised by a young white dragon who blasts us with some frosty, yet fresh breath. After a short fight where Rock and Korvus Bronn land some big hits he is finished off by Tobis Took. The party finds a few magic items also. We find a dwarf behind the door and he immediately annoys us. Kavalar Coppernight begins to question us. He eventually tells us of a goblin and orcs that control the trade routes. Irontooth is the name of the goblin who is in charge. A scroll is found with some orc or kobold writing on it. It appears to be a contract that divides up control of the trade route.

July 20

The yet to be named adventuring band is traveling to Fallcrest in search of work. The heroic members of the band are Castar, Elric, Korvus Bronn, Tobis Took, Rock.

As the party travels down the road, they come upon a band of kobolds attacking a maiden and two guards. The maid appears hurt and is down on the ground and the kobolds have the guards surrounded.

The fearless adventurers enter the fray, led by a large fireball cast by Elric. After dropping two kobolds, combat becomes chaotic. Rock is hit by a cage or rats, Korvus Bronn is hit and marked by a kobold warrior.

After a lot of tough fighting, the party eventually prevails. During the fight, Castar was able to get a large heal off on the lady who then charged the party with delivering the wagon to Skyr, a small village.The rescued woman was named Lady Allande Markelhay.

Loot included 40 Gold Pieces and pocket lint.

The party delivers the food to the hungry village and are welcomed and given lodging. After resting, the party takes the wagon and continues to Fallcrest. Upon arrival, the party is greeted by guards who inform the party that their presence is requested by Farren Markelhay, Lord of Fallcrest. Lodging is provided in the barracks, the party contact is a guard named Cosmer.

While out drinking, a gnome approaches and tells Elric that Lady Allande Markelhay would like to speak to him. Elric follows the gnome out the door. Elric tells us that the Lady Allande Markelhay would like some help from us to take care of some issues around the area that are not priority issues from some people, but are to her.

The next day, the party goes the the audience with Farren Markelhay. The party walks in to this knowing that sometimes the Lord and Lady have different priorities, the Lord backed by merchants and the well-to-do, the Lady backed by the people.

Only the Lord is at the audience. The chamber is tasteful, but not overly rich. The Lord thanks us for saving his wife and delivering the goods. He offers base pay similar to the city watch, free room and board and access to the armory. The Lord also offers access to an insider tattoo available in town the will give us special status in Fallcrest. The party goes to Septarch’s tower to see Nimozaran and the the tattoos.

The is a dwarf by the name of Kavalar Coppernight missing that is about to cause a political situation with the dwarves. WE can seek him at CopperNight Hold. A small keep where mining operations were based from.

The party arrives at CopperNight Hold and finds it infested with kobolds. A fight ensues. The party quickly clears the upper floors of kobolds with only Korvus Bronn and Tobis Took taking a minor wounds. One kobold escapes into the pit.

The party rests quickly and enters the pit. Flagstone floors, tapestries and broken and unstable statuary. One of the kobolds is holding a cord that is linked to the tapestries. Rock becomes immobilized when a tapestry is brought down on him, Castar attempts to tip a statue over on the kobolds, but misses them, shattering the statue across the hallway. The party is victorious and after a quick rest, moves on.

The party enters a dwarven decorated chamber and encounters a whole lot of kobolds. The party massacres the kobolds, including the chieftan, with barely a challenge. It was a defining moment for the party as each individual finally shines in battle.

The party rescues a dwarf who informs them the kobolds have taken Kavalar Coppernight to Kobold Hall.

100 Gold and was gained and a Healers Brooch +1 (Castar) and a Belt of Vigor (Tobis Took).


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